The City of Virginia Beach exists to enhance the economic, educational, social and physical quality of the community and provide sustainable municipal services which are valued by its residents.


Our organization is based upon a belief in the democratic process of government. This belief provides meaningful ways for residents, representing the diversity of our community, to contribute to the development of public policy. This process is enhanced by our organizational values, which guide our performance. The values define our desired organizational culture and quality of work life.

We value...​


Service to customers is the fundamental reason the City of Virginia Beach Municipal Government exists.

  • Customers define quality service.
  • Members are committed to delivering quality service.
  • Service exceeds customer expectations.
  • Customer feedback is sought and valued.


Organizational goals are attained when members and customers work together.

  • Team members share opportunities, knowledge and accountability.
  • Team members develop mutual trust and respect.
  • Team members participate in collaborative decision-making.
  • Team members value diversity.


Learning at every level of the organization creates opportunities for leadership experience and enables members to continuously expand their capacity to create a quality organization.

  • Products, services and technologies are enhanced through creativity and innovation.
  • An environment is created where members, regardless of their place in the organization, learn together.
  • Members are engaged in new and expansive patterns of thinking.


Integrity creates the trust essential to Quality Service and long-term personal and organizational growth.

  • Members have the courage to examine personal paradigms about roles and how excellence is achieved.
  • Members are entrusted with the stewardship of public resources.
  • Members fulfill commitments to Quality Service by treating customers and each other fairly.
  • Members tell the truth.


Commitment is the necessary mechanism enabling members to focus our behavior on attaining organizational goals.

  • Members have the opportunity to convert jobs from ordinary assignments to extraordinary experiences.
  • Members participate in decision-making and accept responsibility for outcomes.
  • Public service professionalism is demonstrated by each member's performance, accountability and work ethic.


Team members value and respect their similarities and differences to encourage and fully utilize their human potential and to foster a culture of openness, engagement and respect for all.

  • Member diversity helps ensure quality service delivery.
  • An inclusive environment allows all members to contribute to the success of our organization and to express ourselves openly and with respect.
  • Members understand and appreciate various perspectives, experiences and cultures.
  • Members listen to understand each other. Member feedback is sought and valued.

The City’s Organizational Values were developed in 1999 and modified in 2010 to adopt the Inclusion and Diversity Values.