The Friday package includes information regarding the upcoming Council meeting held on Tuesdays and/or other information that would assist City Council in accomplishing its goal of making Virginia Beach a "Community for a Lifetime" for our residents.


Should you require information after hours, contact VB 3-1-1 Citizen Services (available seven days a week), and a VB 3-1-1 call taker will be glad to send the requested item(s) via email.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this page or require access to any previous information, feel free to contact the City Manager's Office at (757) 385-4242.

Looking for City Council presentations?

Council presentations that were publicly presented in 2024 and later can be found on eDocs within the presentations folder. They are uploaded within 24 hours following the City Council meeting. Council presentations prior to 2024 can be found within the meeting minutes of a given meeting.

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